Black and white. Eros and Thanatos. Sensuality and romanticism. It’s all about duality in this game of contrasts by talented Sicilian couturier Marella Ferrera. Launching recklessly her personal challenge for a haute couture collection, she exceeds herself as always with creations that make the Absolute Sublime her true and only aesthetic creed. Sicily, land of sharp contrasts, is the chosen background for these dresses designed to strike imagination through skillful use of precious fabrics, sensual transparencies, embroideries and décor, almost three-dimensional and masterfully applied on lovely bodices inspired by the Baroque in all its gran- deur.

An exception to this is the shooting in Palazzo Biscari, the most impressive private palace in Catania, which was built by the Princes of Biscari at the end of the Seventeenth Century. The warm Mediterranean light enfolding this area seems just right for the majestic fabric sculptures by Marella Ferrera, a cultured and passionate woman who never fails to portray her homeland in her high fashion collections which, ultimately, are but portraits of her greatest love made with the most valuable fabrics. Such original portraits tell us each time myths and legends from a land that never ceases to captivate the world with its everlasting, mysterious charm. Fluid and smooth lines follow sinuously the female body, by drawing an ideal of a strong and sensual woman who does not hesitate to fit herself into an armor, like a modern warrior. For these dresses leave their mark in hearts and minds alike.




Photographer Valerio D'Urso
Assistant  Aurelio Zullo
Hair Stylist Simona Angemi
Make Up Maurizio Calcagno
Textiles MF Collection
Accessories Atelier Salamanca

Palazzo Biscari - CATANIA

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